About Us

Hi, my name is Dave Artley.  I recently decided to review air purfiers because I needed to buy one.  For the past several years, I kept getting sinus infections on a regular basis.  They were driving me crazy.  My most recent sinus infection was really sneaky.  I didn’t have a runny or stuffed up nose, except in the morning.  If I blew my nose, it didn’t come out clear.  I was constantly dizzy, and it made it really hard to work at the new job I just got.  So, I finally saw my doctor and they told me I had a sinus infection!  My doctor told me I was allergic to dust mites or something like that.

After that, when I was at home, I started noticing dust everywhere.  Vacuuming helped somewhat, but it also seemed to kick a lot of dust into the air and I would start sneezing like crazy again.  During the really cold months, my forced central air furnace kicked more dust into the air.  During the summer, the air conditioner did too!  My wife started having the same problems with sinuses as me, so I decided that we needed cleaner indoor air, and started my hunt for the best air filtering system we could afford.

I wanted to know which purifier was the best value for my money, and which were the best performing no matter the cost.  When I started out, I didn’t know much about them or how they worked.  I heard terms like “hepa” and “electrostatic” and had to look them up to find out what they meant.  I created this site to document my findings.