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My name is Dave Artley.   I created this site because I wanted to help people like you find the best value for your money for products you use around the house.  There are hundreds of different appliances and gadgets available for people to buy, and even when you narrow down the type of appliance you want, you are faced with a bewildering range of prices, features, quality, brands, colors, and so on.  Sometimes its so confusing, it seems like you have to be an engineer to figure it all out!  Well, I happen to be an engineer, but unlike many of my colleagues, I am able to communicate with regular people in a way you can understand, instead of talking in nerd language all the time (technobabble) and not “talk down” to you.  I’ve spent many years designing products and so I exceptionally well qualified to help you pick out the best quality appliances.


Many reviews you find on the internet are pretty light on detail and you will simply be wasting your time reading them.  If you are like me, you don’t have a lot of time to waste when shopping, but you agonize over making sure you are buying the best product for your money – the best value.  Many reviews are so light on detail, that you will waste hours reading them, only to discover they haven’t really helped you make a decision about buying a particular product, but they still urge you to buy.  This wreaks of a scam site, possibly put up by the manufacturer of a particular product.

You may have noticed that at Artley Home, we review quite a few different brands of the same type of product.  We compare and contrast, just as you would if you could compare multiple products side-by-side.  Our reviews will be very detailed and thorough.

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